Techhub Opens in Riga!!! An important step towards establishing the local / regional startup scene

I have spent some time lately with my colleague Andris Berzins and we both share the passion not only for our own companies and startups but about leaving a legacy of helping the region develo further. We both see startup development about a key feature for new generations to break the income gap and to develop international opportunities from RIga and Vilnius. Myself with a number of other people put together StartupHighway (demo day already next Friday 16th at 1230), today I am introducing to you TechHub Riga, Andris (and a bunch of his partners) new venture
TechHub      Riga      is      the      first      international      expansion      location      for      TechHub,      the      successful      London    initiative        that      offers      product-­‐oriented      technology      start-­‐ups        with      a      dedicated      co-­‐working        space,    community     gathering   point   and   international   network     for   driving   entrepreneurial   success.   TechHub    Riga          is        a        non-­‐profit          organisation      operating        under        franchise        from        TechHub      and      is        funded        by    membership        fees      and      sponsorship.      Our      goal      is      to      promote      and      support      entrepreneurship      and    innovation    in   new    technology    development    for    global  markets.

Facility  and    operations  
TechHub      Riga     will      be      based      in      400     square      meters      of    Class      A     office    space    in    the    center     of     Riga,    at      Citadeles    iela     12.     In   the   same   way   as   TechHub   London,   the   open    plan     space      will      include      permanent      desks      for      resident    start-­‐ups,    a    ‘drop-­‐in’    working    space    for    annual    members    requiring      an    occasional    space     to    touch    down    in    and    a    plenty     of   space   to     hold     start-­‐up     and     technology   events.    TechHub     Riga     will   be   outfitted   with   fast   Internet   access    and    Wi-­‐Fi    service.
The      location      will      become      the      center      of      start-­‐up     and    technology       events     in     Riga.      Open     Coffee     Club     Riga,      an    organisation     with   over   350   members,   will   now   become    TechHub       Riga     Meetup     and     will     meet     at     TechHub Riga    once            per          month        as          before.          Pitch          events          such          as    StartupSauna     Riga     Warmup    and     LABACA   Academy    will    be               held         there,             as             will             hackathons,             for             example    Garage48.        In         addition,  technology         meetups         will       be    invited       to     move     to     the     space,     and     a     range     of     visiting speakers     from   the   UK,  elsewhere   in   Europe   and   Silicon   Valley   will   come   to   TechHub   Riga   to     bring new  insights    and    contacts    for  members.

Membership   to   TechHub   Riga   is   open   to   product-­‐oriented     technology   start-­‐ups,     with     an     application form  available    on    the    TechHub    website.    Membership    is    available    in    three    forms:
•    Resident  Members:    €80    per    month.    Residents    have    24/7,    7    day-­‐a-­‐week    access    to    the    Citadeles    iela    working    space,    with    a    dedicated    desk.    Includes    entry    to    all    TechHub    Riga    events    free    of    charge    as    well    as    global    online  community    membership.    Also    includes    use    of    other    TechHub    locations    free    of    charge.    A    special    50%    discount    will    be    offered    to    a    select    group    of    unfunded    start-­‐ups    for    up    to    a    one-­‐year    period,    with    the    goal    of    ensuring    that    the    best    new    ideas    are    based    at    TechHub    Riga.    Terms    are    flexible    to    suit    start-­‐up    needs:    minimum    membership    is    three    months    and    thereafter    members    can    leave    with    just    one    month’s    notice.
•    Annual   Members:   €360     per   year.     Membership   is   for   one   named   individual.     Includes   “drop-­‐in”  usage    of    the    Citadeles    iela    facility    and    membership    of    the    global    online    network.    Includes free  access    to    member-­‐only    networking    and    other    events.    Discounted    entry    to    any    TechHub    Riga    event    charging    a    fee.    Includes    up    to    12    days    per    year    ‘drop-­‐in’    usage    of    other    TechHub    facilities    during    2012    at    no    additional    cost.
•   Founder   Members:     €720     for   three   years.   Until   the   formal   launch   of   TechHub   Riga,   we   are    making    available    a    limited  number   of   Founder   Memberships,   which   provide   three   years   of    annual       membership     benefits     for    the    price    of    two.    TechHub    Riga    will    accept    applications  starting      immediately    and    is    looking    for    supporters    of    the    new    facility    and     to     recruit     key    members     of   the   community   (select     exceptions   to   the   product-­‐oriented     start-­‐up     rule   will   be    made      for    founding    members).     All     Founder    Members    will    be     invited    to    the     official    launch    party   in  February    2012    and    will    be    specially    recognised    as    contributors    to    the    foundation    of    TechHub    Riga.


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