Smartphone world seems to get hot ahead of Christmas season – Windows 7 and Motorola Android BB style

A lot of excitment around new phones and OS here (apart from the Blackberry playbook mentioned last week) with windows 7 and its new phone line up and also the possible attack of Motorolo Pro with Android towards Blackberry. Will be interesting to see how this will impact (or not) iPhone 4 and iPAD sales in Christmas

Unfortunetly for us in the Baltics we may have to wait until Q1 / q2 to see some of the gadgets and new OS around

Windows 7

It finally happened – Windows 7 will do launch.

When they presented in Barcelona for the WMC last february people was really impressed and wondering if maybe finally windows got it right for the mobile OS. uUt after all these months most of the praises and expectatios have gone away

Today was world launch event and it seems that the excitment is back into place

Initial phone in-depth reviews look very good and also the application and markets look really really well done and with less depth ahead of Market (Android). This has been the key reason for the delay (getting a well built app market) so they could not deliver here

Phones will arrive in Christmas (HTC, Samsung and LG mainly and Dell and Asus also jumping at this one )

Motorola Pro – The attack of the BB (in the US market)

Motorola presented during the CTIA 2010 in San Francisco last week its new Pro Duo. While people was expecting a sequel on their Droid phone what they saw is an android phone clearly aimed at the BB market, with a Qwerty keyboard almost exactly at the bold 9700 and the advantadges that today the Android OS presents over the Blackberry one, mainly on the consumer side

The Pro will probably be only a thread in the US and Brazil but it should push Blackberry which is in fact a tthe end good news for operators that work with BB (like Bite) and the end consumers

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